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What is Wheelspaces?

We are an advertising startup. We wanted to build an ad platform that took advantage of something many people already had, like cars, and empowered them with choice and a fair price to offer that space to advertisers. On the same trend, we wanted to give advertisers a new and clever way to advertise within communities, and we knew we had the right tools and ideas to innovate in all those areas.

Why should people drive or advertise with Wheelspaces?

For drivers it's simple, you already pay for your car to own it, to maintain it and to fuel it. Our ad spaces are a way for you to make passive income just for having a car. No app or dongle to track your miles, no gimmicks or referrals, just plain simple ad placement. We simply ask our drivers to drive and park smart. For advertisers, we make a perfect addition to active radio campaigns with our SMS texting interactions, as well as offering more than static billboards or print ads can. By selecting drivers in areas, or with workplaces at or near demographics you want to target, we can better place advertisers message in the community.

How does all this happen in real time?

Wheelspaces mostly happens via notifications in our app or via SMS. Let’s walk through a typical workflow. First and an advertiser creates a campaign with us, through our sales or self service online. Once we have been provided artwork or created it for them, it goes out to the selected drivers to approve via a text or app notification. If they are happy to represent the advertiser on their space, they can respond and next an install date and time will be sent to the driver. Once the ad is installed, we update the driver and advertiser with the campaign photos and that’s it, the ad is out in the wild!

Where is Wheelspaces?

We are proud to be located in Joplin MO, smack in the middle of the US just like we like it. Our office is at 413 Main street, where we are co-located inside the “Loft Collective”, a collection of like minded creators that work together to launch startups, and this time, it’s one of our own!

What changes after the beta period?

During the beta we are in a fixed price negotiation with drivers, but once we have reached our targets for stable cash flow, we will move into the open market phase; Each driver will be able to price their space at whatever price they like. We will most likely keep a minimum baseline of no less than $200. The way space prices work is the price a driver asks for is the price they recieve, the price the advertiser sees is the drivers space price + wheelspaces fees.

How did you make Wheelspaces?

We have had this in mind for a while, but out first line of code was August 22nd 2017. Since then we have been growing this startup in both complexity of code and technology stack, but also in all the other less fun ways, like contracts and legal stuff. Our main tools are github for version control, heroku for cloud hosting, Amazon AWS and other services for DNS and static file storage, and Twillio for our “Purred” SMS messaging API. For the programming nerds out there we use latest greatest Python 3, Django and it’s awesome REST framework for our own homegrown API. For the front end nerds, we moved from bootstrap to the lighter but solid bulma css framework, and jquery (what no Angular or Vue!?) for javascript things. For people looking to invest early in Wheelspaces, take a look at our original pitch deck created in 2017. Some things have changed but this gives you a great overlook at where we started, where we are now and some insight into how we want to grow.

How can I access the iOS and Android Alpha?

TestFlight is a platform provided by Apple for us to allow beta users to test our app. Right now we have a limited group testing this, but we are on-boarding people to the web app daily! For android users, once you are accepted into the Wheelspaces Beta, simply go to your profile and select "request app access" and you will receive a link via SMS to access the Alpha on the Play Store.